Partner Organizations

Governorship of Istanbul


Governorship of Istanbul is in charge of regulating and supervising general administration in Istanbul. Governorship of Istanbul implements instructions and orders from ministries ensuring promulgation of government decisions and implementation of laws and regulations. GOI is the highest administrative authority in the city and serves in various fields with about 300 civil servants.

National and international projects are carried out by the European Union and Foreign Relations Office on behalf of the Istanbul Governorship. Priority is given to supporting disadvantageous groups such as people with disabilities, immigrants, women,NEETs and unemployed adults within the projects. In this context, GOI has cooperations with several public institutions, universities, training centers, vocational education centres, and NGOs for youth and adults.

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services 

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services is local body of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services which is responsible for establishing and executing policies for women, children, elders, disabled, martyries and families. which performs, implements and executes social services for disadvantaged groups who are in need of and /or seek for protection, care, examination, education, guidance, rehabilitation mentioned above.Child and Youth Service Branch, Elder Service Branch, Disabled Service Branch, Adoption and Foster Family Service, Creshes and Day Care Centers Services Branch, Family and Community Services Branch, Women Status Services Branch, Martyr and War Veteran Services Branch are the main bodies of the Directorate.

It renders social services to these groups through 5557 personels and 249 instutions; Social Service Centers, Orphanages, Child Homes, Child Support Centres, Preventing and Monitoring Domestic Violance Center, Women Guesthouses, Disabled Care- Rehabilitation and Family Consultancy Centers, Elder Care and Rehabilitation Centers/ Resthomes, Youth Camp Transfer Center for Unaccompanied Children (children refugees).Beside that with the new state of affairs our Directorate tries to render social service to refugee families. Our Directorate performs, implements and executes social services for disabled people in Istanbul. We offer 2 main services a) Home Care, b) Instituional Day Care and Instituional Night Care regarding the need of the applicant.

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University has been one of the leading universities in Türkiye with approximately 37,000 students. ITU comprises 14 Faculties, 43 Departments, 6 Graduate Institutes, 99 undergraduate and 179 graduate programs. Founded in 1773 as the Imperial School of Naval Engineering, ITU is a prominent and pioneering university of engineering and architecture with many innovative studies in science, technology, research, and development. ITU is mainly composed of engineering schools and research laboratories, working closely in collaboration with enterprises and other economic and social partners.

The university facilitates the knowledge and technology transfer to industries, management centers, government entities, in short, to the whole society. To do this, ITU has created many Techno-Science parks, incubation centers, entrepreneurship and innovation centers and technology transfer offices. This way, ITU offers a favorable environment for students to build a successful career in their professions, to improve themselves, to seek internship opportunities and to conduct research projects.


INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent research, development and innovation center whose mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute to achieving sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation. The center designs and develops innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable the anticipation and promotion of the changes necessary to achieve the future goals and objectives of society.

INFODEF supports the modernization of educational systems and pedagogical innovation in public and private educational institutions at national and European level. One of the main areas of expertise of INFODEF is the design of innovative methodologies and instruments to support the work of professionals involved with specific target groups, such as young people, migrants, low-skilled adults, people with disabilities, prisoners and other disadvantaged groups.


Association ”H Foundation” is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation created in 1991. The mission of the association is to ensure equal opportunities to education and training for people with disabilities and for disadvantaged people. The association offers courses for professionals who are working with people with disabilities, for front desk operators who come into contact with people with disabilities and their parents, but also courses for parents who have children with disabilities.

Over the time, our association has developed and implemented many campaigns for integration of children and youth with physical disabilities into the mainstream school and campaigns for improvement of the accessibility for people with physical disabilities. The association uses the latest methods and techniques of teaching / learning, providing to its beneficiaries e-learning platforms and blending learning courses.

The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance (IEKEP)

The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance (IEKEP) founded in 1990, is a private non-profit organization, functioning in the region of Attica as an accredited vocational training center (No 12101107 by Greek Ministry of Employment). IEKEP has over 20 years of expertise in Vocational Guidance (more than 600 vocational training programmes/over 200.000 hours of vocational training/over 12.000 trainees) as well as administration, audit and management procedures. Since 1995, IEKEP has been involved in a wide range of projects, programs and research in the fields of vocational guidance, adult education and social inclusion.

IEKEP provides training services for all categories of VET students, but also specific courses dedicated to social vulnerable groups such as NEETs, unemployed youngsters, migrants, women – victims of violence and young offenders. The Institute of Training &Vocational Guiedance, implements training/ counselling methodologies, aiming to support SVGs to gain assertiveness, increase their functionality and self-sufficiency. IEKEP is well versed in new methods and tools that have mostly to do with soft skills, professional orientation and integration.

The Centre Servisi Formazione

The Centro Servizi Formazione began operating in the territory of Pavia in 1997, with the aim of creating social projects, vocational training and school support. In time activities of the Centre are considerably expanded, particularly with the participation to complex projects at the Provincial, Regional, National and European level.Our Centre Team consists of teachers, professionals and technicians in social and educational area. The main activities are:
• Services to Education
• Services to Work
• Personal, educational and professional Guidance
• Spaces for listening and supporting educational psychology
• Social Research and Social Planning
• Systemic Counselling