About EMPOWER Project

The natural disasters have disproportionate effects on people with disabilities like blind, deaf, persons with reduced mobility and their caregivers. Specific reports from 2004 to 2014 showed that persons with disabilities suffered from natural disasters 2-4 times more than non-disabled people (Report on 2011 disaster of Japan). The reason underlying this disproportionate impact is that institutions or authorities are prone to focus on these people’s vulnerability, portray them as helpless and overlook their knowledge, skills for dealing with disasters. This kind of misconceptions is likely to cause ostracizing of persons with disabilities as well as their caregivers will continue and there is an urgent need to diminish the vulnerability.

The objectives of this project are empowering people with disabilities through effective disaster management; raising awareness of persons with disabilities and their caregivers about the increasing risks of disasters; making PwDs and caregivers better prepared for natural disasters through training contents and accessible learning materials on the accessible learning hub; empowering the caregivers in the disaster management cycle; increasing the knowledge and awareness of authorities and policy makers responsible for disability and disasters volunteers about disability and disasters in civil protection and professionals working with PwDs; building a culture of disability and disaster preparedness in community-at-large; mainstreaming disability into disaster management cycle.

Project Duration (28 Months)

31.12.2020 – 30.06.2022

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Learning Hub

Accessible Learning Hub

This hub is developed with a universal design, in that it has accessibility features to be used by a wide range of population with different special needs. Besides, through Accessible Learning Hub, people with hearing and vision impairments can access to “Accessible Learning Materials” which have also accessible features for bridging the divide in learning resources for people with disabilities. This output facilitates innovative learning opportunities and practices for persons with disabilities.

Enter Accessible Learning Hub

Empower Platform

Empower Platform




Project Coordinator

Governorship of Istanbul

Partner Organizations

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services

Istanbul Technical University


Association ”H Foundation”

The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance (IEKEP)

The Centro Servizi Formazione


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