EMPOWER Project Multiplier Event was Held in Spain

The project multiplier event(E5) of EMPOWER Project was held in Valladolid on 24 and 25 April 2023 with the participation of various institutions. Erasmus+ Program was introduced at the event. “European Reference Framework on Effective Disaster Management for Caregivers”, “Training Content on Effective Disaster Management For Caregivers of Persons with Disabilities”, “Accessible Learning Hub with Accessible Learning Materials for Persons with Hearing and Vision Impairments” and “Inclusive Disaster Management Reference Handbook” developed within the scope of the project were introduced to the participants. The event was attended by 32 social educators, policy makers and psychologist .

The main objective of EMPOWER Project (2020-1-TR01-KA204-094078) is to increase the awareness and competencies of person with disabilities who are highly vulnerable in disasters and their caregivers on disaster management and the project is supported by the European Commission through the Turkish National Agency. The Governorship of İstanbul is the coordinator of the project.