EMPOWER Project Multiplier Event was Held in Greece

A Multiplier Event was organized by IEKEP at the Day Center of IASIS, a center catering to individuals with mental and various other disabilities. The event organized on 04/05/2023, had a turnout of 30 participants, predominantly trainers and caregivers from NGO, with a few family members and volunteers also in attendance. The overall feedback received from the participants was highly positive, particularly regarding the materials developed as part of the project. This report highlights the general comments received and proposes potential solutions to enhance the usefulness of the project materials for individuals with disabilities.

The Greek Multiplier Event for the EMPOWER project at the Day Center of IASIS received positive feedback from participants, particularly regarding the comprehensive and accessible project materials. To further enhance the usefulness of the materials for individuals with disabilities, customization options, language accessibility, multisensory learning approaches, and the inclusion of real-life scenarios were proposed as potential solutions. These suggestions aim to ensure that the project materials are even more practical, relevant, and valuable in training and raising awareness among people with disabilities and their caregivers for inclusive evacuation planning in natural disaster situations.